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unit 1 : introducing cultural studies

unit 2:  analyzing cultural artifacts: disney, discourse, and domination

unit 3: culture as artifact: art museum as narrative & ritual space

unit 4: nature as artifact: commodifying the natural

unit 5: the hollywood western: semiotics, myth & meaning

unit 6 : mythologizing manhood: masculinity & culture

unit 7 : representation: femininity & culture

unit 8: barbie & the rock: gender, bodies & play

unit 9: g.i. joe and grand theft auto: violence, power, and propaganda

unit 10: advertising: the culture of consumption

unit 11: tommy & the nike swoosh: the semiotics of race & class

unit 12: fast food: cuisine & culture

unit 13: suv: globalization, environmentalism, and consumption

unit 14: counter-hegemonic cultural practices