unit fourteen
Counter-Hegemonic Cultural Practices



cultural artifact: adbusters

reading assignment:

american flag by adbusters
  • The Theory Toolbox Chapter 11 "Agency"
  • Kalle Lasn, "Culture Jamming" in Consumer Society Reader
  • Taylor & Tilford, "Why Consumption Matters" in Consumer Society Reader
  • Visit Adbusters website
  • CS Concepts Handout:
    Resistance & Transgression

in class screening:

at the end of this unit you should be able to define these key terms:

  • Resistance
  • Counter-Hegemonic Practice

external links:

online study guide for crisis of the cultural environment (html)

adbusters culture jammers headquarters

What is culture-jamming?

media advocacy links

adbusters corporate crackdown: what can YOU do to bring corporations bck under civic control?

Online essay on commercialism and activism, "Wanting more in an age of plenty"

online essay: "the psychology of consumption: wealth, well-being and the new american dream"

resouces for change: a great online list for activism against commercialism and other social issues