unit twelve
Fast Food: Cuisine & Culture




cultural artifact: mcdonald's

CASE STUDY: fast food nation

reading assignment:

  • eric schlosser, fast food nation

introduction (1-10)
chapter 2 (30-58)
chapter 5 (111-32)

in class screening:

  • frontline: Modern Meat

at the end of this unit you should be able to define these key terms:

  • how is food political?
  • food as a class issue

additional resources:

"the golden arches are now more recognised than the christian cross. "

case study guidelines for student presentations

external links:

mc spotlight

mc donald's related links:

outstanding list of resources on the issues related to fast food arranged by categoriy: introduction, nutrition, advertising, animals, capitalism, employment, free speech, enviornment

mc spotlight.org

"unhappy meals" the atlantic online with eric schlosser

mcdonald's corporate website

bove and dufours' book, the world is not for sale: farmers against junk food, about french farmers who dismantled mcdonald's

fast food nation related links:

reviews of fast food nation

fast food nation links at complete review

mclibel: two worlds collide links:

mclibel: two worlds collide (film's website: includes storyboards)

the mclibel trial (includes court transcript)

 the mclibel trial overview at corporate watch