unit ten
Advertising: The Culture of Consumption




shampoo collage

cultural artifact: television advertising for candy, fast food, beer and shampoo (video: production notes: fast food for thought, jason simon)

reading assignment:

  • karl marx, "the fetishism of the commodity and its secret" in consumer Society Reader
  • john berger, ways of seeing, chapter 7
  • holt & schor, excerpt from "do americans consume too much?" pg. 1 - 7 of intro to consumer society reader

in class screening:

  • production notes fast food for thought, jason simon
  • Advertising & The End of the World , Media Education Foundation
  • study guide link below

at the end of this unit you should be able to define these key terms:

  • Commodity
  • Class
  • Glamour
  • Publicity

additional resources:

online resources for marx and marxism

external links:

Online essay on commercialism and activism, "Wanting more in an age of plenty"

online essay: "the psychology of consumption: wealth, well-being and the new american dream"

resouces for change: a great online list for activism against commercialism and other social issues