A Traditional Polish Swieconka Basket

Basket Contents and Symbolism:

Maslo / Butter : This dairy product is often shaped into a lamb (Baranek Wielkanocny), reminding us of the goodness of Christ that we should have toward all things.

Chleb / Easter Bread: A round rye loaf topped with a cross, symbolic of Jesus, the Bread of Life.

Chrzan / Horseradish : Symbolic of the Passion of Christ still in our minds, but sweetened with some sugar because of the Resurrection. (May be white or pink [w/grated red beets].)

Jajka / Eggs and Pisanki: Indicate new life and Christ's Resurrection from the Tomb.

Kielbasa / Sausage: A spicy sausage of pork products, indicative of God's favor and generosity.

Szynka / Ham: Symbolic of great joy and abundance. (In addition to the large ham cooked for the Easter Meal, often a special small ham, called the Szynka Wielkanocny) is purchased specially for Swieconka basket.)

Slonina / Smoked Bacon: A symbol of the over abundance of God's mercy and generosity.

Sol / Salt: So necessary an element in our physical life, that Jesus used its symbolism: "You are the salt of the earth."

Ser / Cheese: Shaped into a ball, it is the symbol of the moderation Christians should have.

Holy Water: Holy water is used to bless the home, animals, fields and used in
religious rituals throughout the year.

A candle, often marked like the Paschal Candle lit during the Easter Vigil, is inserted into the basket to represent Christ, Light of the World.

A colorful ribbon and sometimes sprigs of greenery are attached.

The linen cover is drawn over the top and is ready for the trek to the blessing.