Chrzan (Horseradish)

Easter Table, Chrzan at 19:00 (c) AHGunkel

Ciocia Martha Dankowska says that food processors will not work for this! They create a mushy effect. She suggests that you may want to grate the root on the back porch so as not to overcome the members of the household with its power.



Grate horseradish root. Food processors will not work for this--they can't preserve the delicate balance between fine grating and excessive wateriness. Add some salt, some sugar (app. 4 T) and juice from 2 lemons. Add about 5 spoonfuls of boiling water. Place in a clean glass jar and store in refrigerator.

For Easter, most cooks add some beet juice to produce the pinkish color signifying the Lord's Passion.

This recipe produces 1 med. jar. Most cooks produce large batches.


1 horseradish root
salt to taste
sugar (app. 4 T)
boiling water (5 T)
Juice of 2 lemons
Beet juice