The Auxiliary Ministry of Holy Communion

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The Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law provides for the Auxiliary Minister of Holy Communion (Sections 230.3 & 910.2). This Catholic ministry of service to the Christian community demands that one be willing to strive more earnestly than ever to live according to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. By living faith and generous service to others, the minister deepens devotion to the Eucharist which beautifully signifies the unity of the church and brings it about. In this sharing of the Eucharist with brothers and sisters in Christ, the Minister is the servant of the Church assembled. The theology of the Eucharist states that we who share this one bread become one body is Christ Jesus.

If you are considering service as a Minister of Holy Communion or Minister of the Sick, please contact your local parish Pastor.

     Heavenly Father, I thank You for calling me to serve You and Your people in this community as an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. You know that I could never be worthy of such an exalted honor. Help me to be less unworthy by remaining free from sin.
     Let me nourish Your people with the witness of my life as I feed them with the Body of Christ. Grant Your strength and holiness to all Your extraordinary ministers and make them worthy to bring Christ to others.

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