The Corpus Christi Procession
(Procesja Bozego Ciala)

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The most important ritual of Corpus Christi is that of the Procession. For this event, the entire village, parish or town assembles in finest dress. The Procession is comprised of clergy, special guilds or groups, and families. Often children in First Communion dress precede the Blessed Sacrament dropping rose or other flower petals to create a carpet for the approaching Eucharist. Altar boys, clergy, prominent citizens with guild and society banners of silk, and others process. The Holy Eucharist is itself transported in a processional Monstrance, carried by the priest or bishop. The Monstrance is further protected by an embroidered silk canopy held by four posts, borne by parishioners or altar servers. Publicly proclaiming and reaffirming their devotion to the Holy Eucharist, the entire congregation walks around the church and its grounds to the sound of bells and voices singing sacred hymns. The procession then walks and sings its way to the first of the altars. There the Blessed Sacrament rests while the assembled faithful kneel to pray and sing in adoration of the Holy Eucharist. The procession then continues on in the same manner to the other altars until finished.

* See the Procession in Chicago's "Helenowo" Neighborhood
* See the Procession in Krakow, Poland COMING SOON!

* Illustration of traditional Polish Corpus Christi Procession
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* English/Polish Sheet Music for Polish Corpus Christi Hymn:
    "Twoja Czesz Chwala" ("Thine is All Glory")