Corpus Christi Altars (Bozy Domek)

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Central to the Feast is the building and decorating of four special altars away from the confines of the church building. Decorated with statues, holy pictures, cloth and flowers, these usually resemble small chapels. These are erected at four centers of a Polish town square, four points in a village, or four homes in an urban Polonian neighborhood. The Corpus Christi Procession will then visit each of these four altars upon leaving the church.

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Corpus Christi Greenery

Another, perhaps more antiquated element of Polish Catholic Corpus Christi celebrations is the decorating of altars with greenery, wreaths, and branches of birch. In some areas, these were herb wreaths with texts from the Gospel of St. John: "A slowo cialem sie stalo i mieszkalo miedzy nami." ("And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.")