Oral Presentation Guidelines for Evaluation

Each student will give a well-planned 5 - 10 minute "lecture" on a reading assignment. (Sign up sheet will be circulated on the first day of class.) The speech should "teach" the chapter to the group; it should not be a book report but should present the important ideas and key concepts from the reading. Notecards, visual aids, and handouts should be used. Your presentation....

SHOULD NOT be a book report.
SHOULD NOT go beyond the time limit (Its harder to be concise and focused than to ramble unprepared).
SHOULD be clear and professional.
SHOULD be well planned with notecards.
SHOULD teach the audience something.
SHOULD utilize handouts, visuals, or other aids.

Oral Presentation Evaluation Form

Content (25 points) ______ Is the quantity and quality of information appropriate and well developed? Or is necessary information missing or in need of development? Does the presentation engage the material in a way that is critical and insightful? Or does it simply provide a "book report" of the texts? Does the presentation reflect an accurate and clear understanding of the text in question? Does it understand the difference between key points and extraneous information?

Structure (25 points) ______ Is the presentation organized? Is there a clear plan, notes, and preparation? Does it have a definite beginning that introduces the subject of the presentation? Or does it simply start without any sort of setup? Does it have a conclusive ending that either summarizes the points covered or asks for audience input? Or does it simply terminate without drawing its material to a close? Does it move logically between the elements presented and provide for smooth and understandable transitions? Or does it jump around without apparent reason?

Interaction (25 points) _______ Does the presenter make room for audience participation? Does s/he involve the audience in the material and solicit questions and comments. Or does the presenter simply talk at the audience in a lecture format?

Form (25 points) ______ Does the presenter demonstrate effective public speaking? Does s/he talk to and engage the audience? Does s/he project a relaxed and confident attitude? Or does the presenter read comments off a prepared script in a way that is monotonous and alienating? Is the presenter prepared? Or is s/he making it up as s/he goes along? Does the presenter make effective use of visuals/handouts to support his/her presentation? Or are the visuals sloppy, ill devised and unprofessional? Does the presentation ramble beyond the time limits?

TOTAL: ________