Goals and Objectives:
St. Stanislaus Kostka, Chicago (c) AHGunkel, 1999Upon completion of the course, students should: demonstrate a base of historical and sociological knowledge about urbanism; demonstrate familiarity with a core body of film and video concerning the city; demonstrate the ability to offer informed and compelling written and oral critique of urban issues in media; demonstrate knowledge of and critical integration of a body of writing on urban issues.

General Education:
This course bears General Education credit for HUMANITIES. By taking this course you will complete three (3) of the forty-eight (48) semester hours of General Education credits required for graduation from Columbia College. In addition, the course will assist you in achieving one of the fifteen student outcomes that are the basis of the General Education program. The specific outcome to be realized through completion of the course is: Students should become familiar with the rich cultural heritage of the human race evident in the arts, music, philosophy, religion, and foreign language. Besides the specific course objectives listed on your syllabus, this course is designed to address a college-wide learning outcome and is considered to be an integral part of your general education program.

Cultural Studies Major Credit:
This course can serve as a Liberal Education elective for the Cultural Studies major. With this course, you will complete 3 of the 15 credit hours of Liberal Education electives.