Grade Distribution:

Participation 30% (Attendance + Discussion Contribution)
Critical Essay 30%
Final Examination 30% (Written - Due at Last Class 17 January 2012)


Description of Projects and Papers:

1. Class Participation 30% Students must attend the lecture sessions. Students will read a variety of theoretical texts, providing active analysis in weekly seminar.

2. Critical Essay 30% Students will prepare and present a 10 page research paper on a chosen topic. Topics will be chosen early in the semester. Students will plan, research and develop the paper in consultation with the instructor.

3. Final Examination 30% Students will write a comprehensive final examination connecting the issues and readings studied in the seminar.

Attendance Policy:
It is extremely important that you come to class. You are allowed two unexcused absences during the semester. After that, you WILL jeopardize the completion of this course. You are responsible for the material covered in each class you were absent. Absence is not a legitimate excuse for coming unprepared to class or for not turning an assignment in on time. Late arrivals, early departures: every two instances that you either arrive FIFTEEN minutes late or more, or leave FIFTEEN minutes or more before class ends, count as one absence.

RE: Academic Integrity Policies. It is my policy to fail a student from the entire course if s/he has plagiarized in any assignment of this class.


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