final examination


study guide for final


examination guidelines:

The Final Exam will consist of short answer explanations (33.3%) and full-length essays (2 @ 33.3% each.)

The short answer section will consist of quotations from our course materials. You will be asked to:
   1) identify the text from which the quote is taken,
   2) explain both WHAT the passage says ("translate" it,) as well as set it into the CONTEXT of the whole reading from which it is taken.

The full-length essays, as before, are to be carefully constructed arguments. The essays should include: 1) a clear thesis, 2) evidence for every argument, 3) integration of direct quotes AND film-related supporting details. These essays will ask you not only to explain and analyze individual course materials but ALSO to make connections BETWEEN course materials. You may bring a half-sheet of paper or large index card containing any notes, outlines, quotes, or information you wish. No other materials will be permitted during the examination.

In fairness to all students, NO MAKE-UP EXAMS will be permitted. The exam will take place during our last class meeting. Success on this exam will depend on your knowledge of the class discussions, careful reading of all course assignments, good notes on the films, videos, and discussions, and planning of thoughtful essay answers. Please contact the professor for any help, feedback, questions, etc. As always, I am happy to respond to sample outlines, thesis statements, essays, etc. in advance of the exam.