Polish Christmas
Sharing the Oplatek







Mother & Child Break the Oplatek


Mother & Child Share the Oplatek (c) 2001 David J. Gunkel









Mother & Child Share the Oplatek (Barszcz Wigilijny in Foreground)



The Polish family breaks the Oplatek (Wafer) (Oh-pwah-tek) on Christmas Eve (Wigilia) as their ancestors before them have done. The sacred white wafers, much like those used for Holy Communion, are shared with each person present. During the exchange, good wishes are expressed. This is the most emotional time of the holiday for the Polish family. 



Traditional Wishes in Sharing the Oplatek

Na szczescie, na zdrowie z Wigilia!
Health and good fortune this Wigilia!

Abysmy sie doczekali nastepnej Wigilii!
May we meet next year at this time to celebrate Wigilia!

Zycze zdrowia, szczescia i fortuny, a po smierci niebieskiej korony!
May you be blessed with health, good fortune, and happiness which do not tarnish over the years. And may you receive a crown in paradise!

Niech zawsze nad naszym domem swieci złota gwiazda!
May a bright star always shine over your home!

Niech Panna pszeniczna, Betlejemska, zamieni smutek w kolede!
May the Mother of Bethlehem, the wheaten Maiden change your every sorrow into a carol!

Niech sie spelnia wszystkie marzenia!
May all our dreams come true!


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