course goals & objectives



Introduction to Cultural Studies is designed as a gateway course to the Cultural Studies major and as a general education option for students in other majors who would like and introduction to Cultural Studies. The following learning outcomes have been established to fulfill these purposes:

  • Students will become familiar with basic concepts of Cultural Studies: for instance, power, agency, identity, ideology and representation.

  • Students will learn to use interdisciplinary critical perspectives to examine the diverse and sometimes contested meanings of cultural objects and processes.

  • Students will learn strategies to connect cultural knowledge to everyday life and practices.

  • Students will learn to develop their analyses of culture through oral and written modes of communication.


This course bears General Education credit for Humanities (HU). By taking this course you will complete three of the 48 semester hours of General Education credits required for graduation from Columbia College. In addition, the course will assist you in achieveing one of the fifteen outcomes that are the basis of the General Education program. The specific outcome to be realized through completion of the course is "becoming familiar with various froms of creative expression in the arts through analysis and comparison of their components."

Introduction to Cultural Studies can be used for either General Education credit OR Cultural Studies credit. It cannot be used for both.