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critical & cultural studies

cultural studies major at columbia college chicago
amazing list of cultural studies resources at blackwell publisher
xcp's list of anthropology, cultural studies and poetry sites
c-theory: online journal of technology & Culture
american studies web: race & ethnic studies, women's studies, media, history,current affairs, art, sociology, philosophy, religion, & much more!
voice of the shuttle: webpage for humanities research
media & communication studies web (great links, online articles in every arena of study)
cultural studies central
postmodern culture (journal) (cultural studies site)
film and media studies links
for research in humanities, philosophy & religion


philosophy in cyberspace: mega-site
johns hopkins philosophy links: great list!
philosophy resources page: great links

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Columbia College Chicago
Harold Washington Library
DePaul University

Loyola University of Chicago


School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

film online 

Internet Movie Database

 Chicago film & media resources

Facets Multimedia
The Film Center at the SAIC
Museum of Broadcast Communication
Video Data Bank

WTTW (Chicago Public Television)

Chicago filmmakers: coop, screenings, more
Chicago Moviegoer's guide
excellent list of resources for change: media literacy and media advocacy organizations

Chicago film festivals 

Chicago International Film Festival
Polish Film Festival in America

Chicago Underground Film Festival
Chicago gay & lesbian film festival
Chicago outdoor film festival

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Seminary Co-op Bookstore
facets multimedia
Ken Cranes Online

other online syllabi

Food & Culture,
   Dr. Ann Hetzel Gunkel
Postmodernism & Posthumanism in theory & practice
  Dr. Ann Hetzel Gunkel
Urban Images in Media & Film,
   Dr. Ann Hetzel Gunkel
Philosophical Issues in Film,
   Dr. Ann Hetzel Gunkel
introduction to cultural studies,
   Dr. ann hetzel Gunkel
Interactive media production,
   Dr. David J. Gunkel (NIU)
Computer-mediated communication,
   Dr. David J. Gunkel (NIU)

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