Zurek (Barszcz Bialy) (White Borscht)

Zurek from Polish Cooking (Ex Libris Books)

Cook a bouillon from soup vegetables and 6 c. water. Shortly before straining, add the sausage. Peel potatoes, cut into large cubes and cook in boiling lightly salted bouillon. Mix flour with a few T. water, add to the bouillon along with the ryemeal sour, sliced sausage, and garlic crushed with salt, and bring the soup to a boil. Serve with hard boiled eggs.


1/2 lb. soup vegetables (carrot, parsnip, celery root, leek)
1/2 lb. kielbasa
1 lb. potatoes
2 c. ryemeal sour
1 rounded T. flour
garlic clove

Mix 3/4 cup rye flour with 2 c. pre-boiled warm water. Pour into a jar or crockery bowl, cover with cheesecloth and let stand in a warm place for 4-5 days.