Chicago Bakeries Prepare for St. Joseph 

Giuseppe Cakes/Zeppole (c) 2000 DJGunkel

This shop (below) on Chicago's Harlem Avenue Little Italy (also heavily populated by Polish immigrants) begins displaying such notices in late February. Very serious Italian pastry makers will ask if you want baked or fried (referring to the method of dough preparation before the filling stage.)
Order for. St. Joseph (c) 2000 DJGunkel

Chicago Bakery Readies for St. Joseph (c) 2000 DJGunkel

D'Amato's Bakery, Chicago (c) 2000 DJGunkel
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* Il Giardino Bakery, 2859 North Harlem Avenue, Chicago. Tel. 773-889-2388. Simply, the Best!
* In one of the former inner city Little Italy's, we recommend the highly respected D'Amato's Bakery (Proprietors Matteo & Sons), 1332 West Grand Avenue, Chicago. Tel. 312-733-6219. Their unrivaled Italian breads result from the century old coal-burning ovens in the basement.
* Other Chicago Italian institutions, such as Turano Bros. (Berwyn), Ferrara (Taylor Street), Conca D'Oro (Edison Park), and Domino Pastries (Harlem Avenue), are also reputable sources.