The Sisters of the Resurrection

Centennial Logo of Sisters of the Resurrection


     The Sisters of the Resurrection are a Catholic religious order closely linked to Polish and Polish-American women's history.

     The Congregation, founded by Polish mother & daughter  Mother Celine Borzecka and Mother Hedwig Borzecka in 1891, came to the United States in 1900 to St. Mary of the Angels Parish in the heart of Chicago's Polonia.
     Teaching the 400 children at the school, the Sisters spread their ministry as the immigrant population expanded. In 1915 the Sisters bought a parcel of land on Talcott Avenue (now on Chicago's Northwest Side) and opened Resurrection Academy for girls in 1915.  Today Resurrection High School, a Catholic school for young women has over 10,000 alumnae. The Sisters' achievements in Chicago also include: five major hospitals and over 60 sites of care, a day care center, the Provincial Home for the Sisters and a home for senior Sisters.

     Worldwide, Sisters of the Resurrection teach, operate nurseries, nursing homes and child care. They work with the elderly, the poor and the disadvantaged, the lonely and the ill. Serving in Canada, England, Italy, Argentina, Australia and Poland as well as the U.S., the sisters spread the Resurrection message of hope and live out their motto of Charity and Truth.

The Cross (left) worn by members of the Congregation symbolizes the Easter message of Resurrection. Each point of the Cross is tripled presenting the Holy Trinity. The top point depicts the Resurrection Banner; the left and right, the Alpha and the Omega (the beginning and the end) as inscribed on the Paschal Candle during the Easter Vigil Liturgy; and the bottom point, the Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross