The Folk Art of Palm Weaving

Woven Easter Palms with Czarna Madonna (c) 2001 Ann Gunkel


The Polish Museum of America presents workshops on this dying folk art. While many in Polonia recall mothers and aunts creating woven palms on Palm Sunday--in shapes of a cross, flower, or grape cluster--few recall the technique of the craft.

Mother and Daughter Weave Palms (c) 2001 David Gunkel

These weavings, blessed at Mass on Palm Sunday, then would grace the holy pictures, sacred statues, window sills, door jambs, and photos of dead loved ones in Polish homes. Pictured here are images of the
"Grape Cluster" model of woven palm. It is achieved with a four-strand base with the fronds woven in a square overlapping pattern.

Sacred Heart with Wowen Easter Palms (c) 2001 Ann Gunkel